Request For Proposals


The Skokie Community Foundation (the Foundation) invites proposals in which organizations collaborate for the benefit of Skokie residents. The Foundation seeks to invest in organizations and projects that are poised to make a difference in Skokie and strengthen the community beyond the grant period.

To qualify, two organizations must co-apply to provide services to benefit Skokie residents. One of the two co-applicants must be a 501(c)3 organization, a school, or a government entity.

New this year- The Foundation is offering to fund both a targeted, $10,000 grant and several untargeted $5000 grants. The focus for the targeted grant is based on information gathered at listening sessions that the Foundation Board members held with members of the Skokie community.

For our targeted grant, the Foundation is seeking proposals specifically designed to address the issue of Social Inclusion within Skokie. For purposes of this request for proposals, the Foundation defines Social Inclusion as follows: Helping to make Skokie a place where all individuals and groups feel welcome and take part in community life. Differences based on identity are respected and valued. Basic needs are met allowing all to live here in dignity.
The Fund intends to award $25,000 during this grant cycle.

The Foundation requests proposals addressing any aspect of community including arts and culture, basic human needs, community development, early childhood, youth and adult education, environment, family support/counseling, health, housing, seniors, workforce development, or youth.

Grants will be awarded in November 2018 for use in the 2019 calendar year.

2019 Skokie Community Foundation grant request materials HERE.
Submit grant requests HERE.