About the Skokie Community Foundation

We believe that people thrive in a supportive, engaged and dynamic community.

The Skokie Community Fund was established in 2010 by a small group of Skokie residents who want to foster a supportive, engaged, and dynamic community in Skokie through meaningful giving, collaboration, and community programming. In the summer of 2017 the Fund became a 501c3 and the Skokie Community Foundation was created.

Our goal is to seek out and partner with donors and community builders who share our vision so that we can build a community resource that will benefit Skokie now and one hundred years from now.

Board of Directors

Carolyn Anthony, Vice Chair
Gene Griffin, Chair
Mary Jaminski
Ruben Howard II
Mary Laura Jones
Syed Mahmood
Howard Meyer, Deputy Vice Chair
David Putrus
Joy Schaefer, Secretary
Jim Szczepaniak
Alén Takhsh
Zachary Williams, Treasurer

P. Scott Holtz, Executive Director